iProvèn DMT-489 Medical Infrared Thermometer with dual Ear and Forehead Mode – Review

Side view iProven DMT-489
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I must say we were impressed with the iProvén DMT-489 Infrared Thermometer. It is the first Dual mode Thermometer we have reviewed and it is one of the most practical and easy to use Thermometer around.

Being a dual function model as Ear Thermometer and Forehead Thermometer makes it perfect for Newborn, Toddler and Adult use.

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Quick Specifications List

ModelDual Mode Infrared Thermometer DMT-489
Temperature unitsBoth Cº and Fº , adjustable
Measurement Time1 or 3 seconds
SoundAlways on
MemoryYes, for 20 readings
Automatic ShutdownYes, after 10 seconds
Low Battery WarningYes, on display
Battery Life3000 measurements
AccuracyError margin of less or equal than 0.6˚F (0.3˚C) for 95% of tests
Warranty2 years from date of purchase by Manufacturer
Regulations and lawsASTM 1965/EN12470-5/GB/T 19146-2010 , FDA approved


Dual Mode view iProven DMT-489Dual Mode

The main feature of the iProvén DMT-489 is the fact that it is dual Mode, with Ear Thermometer and Forehead Thermometer capabilities.

Doubling as a Ear and Forehead thermometer makes it specially ideal from being used with infants, as the Forehead Thermometer mode can be used for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year of age, and the Ear Thermometer for more accurate readings in toddlers of 1 year old and up and also for adults.

Changing from one mode to the other is as quick as removing a sensor cap and using the correct button for the measurement, that is it!

Speed at taking Measurements

It is also really fast at taking measurements. Used as an Ear thermometer Mode it takes one second and one click to take the measurement. In the Forehead mode is takes approximately 3 seconds as the measurement must be taken in three locations of the forehead while keeping the “Head” button pressed. If it sounds tricky, it isn’t and is in fact really practical and easy to do.


Reading the measurements was a delight. The display has a good size and the numbers and symbols are easy and comfortable to read, but that is not all! The display changes color depending on the results that were measured, changing to “Green” and “Red” depending on whether the measurement is Good or Bad.

Memory Storage for Measurements

It also has internal Memory which stores the last 20 successful measurements, which is really useful for comparing the evolution of a fever or just keep track in other situations.

Automatic Shutdown

If left unused for more than 10 seconds it automatically shuts down, prolonging battery life. The manufacturer mentions that a battery can last for 3000 measurements, and it has a battery indicator on the display. During our tests, the battery indicator was always on full, and we probably did around 30 to 50 measurements.

Sound Warning

There is a sound indicator to let the user know the measurement was taken, which is not particularly loud, but also not that low. Unfortunately it cannot be turned off and could be a bit of a annoyance if taking measurements of a small child while asleep.

Other points

TheiProvén DMT-480 is also really light, weighting at are 4.1 ounces (around 115 grams) and smaller than expected. It has an ergonomic design and fits really comfortably.

It comes with a small pouch which is handy for storage and carrying, but really offers no protection to impact or anything like that. Still, it is a nice touch.

Another really good point, and an actual surprise was the User Manual. It explains everything well, but the section on “Interpreting the Measurement Results” could really help for unclear users to interpret what the measurement means. We just wished that it explained the difference of temperature measurements between Ear and Forehead measurements to the user, because these are different!

The overall material quality of theiProvén DMT-489 is also above average.

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Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Dual Mode
  • Very Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy to read display
  • Color coded measurements on display
  • Sound cannot be turned off
  • Pouch is not really protective

The iProvén DMT-489 is overall a really good Dual Mode Thermometer for Adults, Newborns and Toddlers. The price point is excellent.

The Hassle-free refund within 100 day from your purchase, is a must if you buy it through Amazon, for peace of mind. The manufacturer website gives only a 60 day Hassle-free refund.

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