Iproven Digital Medical Thermometer (DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B) – Review

Iproven Digital Medical Thermometer (DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B)
Iproven Digital Medical Thermometer (DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B)

Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers, both DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B are fast and simple to use thermometers for Oral, Rectal and Axillary readings. They take measurements usually faster than 10 seconds for Oral and Rectal readings with incredible accuracy.

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Quick Specifications List

ModelIproven Digital Medical Thermometers (DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B)
Temperature unitsBoth Cº and Fº , adjustable
Measurement Time10 Seconds
Measurement LocationArmpit , Oral , Rectal
Flexible TipYes for DT-R1221A
SoundYes, always ON
MemoryYes, for last measurement
Automatic ShutdownYes, after 10 minutes
Low Battery WarningYes, on display
Battery LifeUnknown
AccuracyError margin of +/-0.2ºF at the 95.9ºF~107.6ºF range
WarrantyOne year from the date of purchase
Regulations and lawsComplies with the European Directive for
Medical Devices 93/42/EEC,
ASTM E1112-00 , and CE approved



Let us just start by saying that the difference between model DT-R1221A and BTR1221B is just the flexible tip and the color. That is it. Apart from that, they are pretty much the same.

Both DT-R1221A and DT-R1221B Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers come in a really nice packaging. They have a clear and concise manual that guides the user through the basic functions and setups. It also comes with a clear plastic cover that helps to protect the Thermometer while not in use. As for the overall materials, it just fells really good quality.

As for personal preference, we not only like the color of the DT-R1221A better, but the flexible tip is one of those features that we consider a must have for a Digital Thermometer. It makes life so much easier for any type of measurement, being a must have for Rectal measurements.

Speed and Accuracy

The Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers is as fast as a Digital Thermometer gets. Oral and Rectal measurements are performed in 8 to 10 seconds, depending on the temperature of course. As for Axillary temperatures, they do take slightly longer, like 20 seconds. It really doesn’t get any faster than this.

The accuracy of the Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers are spot on. We took several measurements to make sure it was reliable and it sure was. The small manual refers a maximum margin of error of 0.2ºF, but for us it was on the money.


The display on the Iproven Digital Medical Thermometersis small but very very easy to read. It is of good quality. They show measurements with 1 decimal value, has a battery indicator and also has a cute smiley face indicator for the measurement that gives the user a quick indication if there is a fever.


This thermometer has no connectivity features.


The Iproven Digital Medical Thermometersmakes some really low volume beeps, with different characteristics depending on the warning. It notifies the user of a low battery situation, when a measurement was taken, when it is ready for taking a new measurement and if there is a fever.

The sound isn’t really that intrusive as to scare or wake a child up, and can in some situations be too low. It might go unnoticed that a measurement is complete.

The is no optin to turn the sound off, but then again, it is not really that intrusive.

Storage Case

The Iproven Digital Medical Thermometerscome with a small transparent protective case. Not particularly suited for storing but more for transportation. It is really easy to insert and remove.

Auto Shutdown

The Iproven Digital Medical Thermometerswill shutdown automatically if not used for 10 minutes. This will help save battery life and avoid drainage due to forgetfulness. It showed always full during our tests.

Other points

Our Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers came with a small and easy to read manual. We have read reports of users saying there was no manual, but ours did have a manual. We are assuming those were first runs of production, and now the manufacturer heard the users and started shipping the product with the printed manual.

The manual explains what is to be expected of measurements in different body locations and their normal readings, and the configuration and calibration process. It is small but well written.

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Pros Cons
  • Cheap
  • Flexible Tip for DT-R1221A
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Automatic Shutdown function
  • None

We really liked the Iproven Digital Medical Thermometers, specially the DTR-1221A with its flexible tip. Both are really well built and feel of excellent quality. They are slightly faster than other models we have reviewed before, and as for accuracy it is spot on.

Highly recommended!

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  • September 13, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    I am trying to find an instruction leaflet for Proven DT R1221A i going to watch your video but could not
    get in to it. Is it possible for you to send me one. I would be very gratefull.

    Thank you Mrs J Overend

    • September 19, 2017 at 5:16 pm

      Hi there!
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