Generation Guard GM-200F Infrared Forehead Thermometer – Review

Generation Guard GM-200F
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The Generation Guard GM-200F is a really simple and easy to use Medical Grade Infrared Forehead Thermometer. Don’t get discouraged by its simplicity, underneath the hood is a quality sensor that is not only really fast at taking measurements as it is accurate.

It also has a silent mode which makes it ideal for Babies and Toddlers.

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Quick Specifications List

ModelGeneration Guard GM-200F Infrared Thermometer
Temperature unitsBoth Cº and Fº , adjustable
Measurement Time1 or 2 seconds
SoundAdjustable, with quiet mode
MemoryYes, for 20 readings
Automatic ShutdownYes, after a few minutes
Low Battery WarningNo
Battery LifeUnknown
AccuracyError margin of less or equal than 0.3˚F
Warranty2 years from date of purchase by Manufacturer
Regulations and lawsFDA approved


Generation Guard GM-200F side view


The first impression we got from the Generation Guard GM-200F was how amazingly small and light it felt. With just 3 buttons a really big LCD display for its size, it was just intuitive how to use it. In the box came also a small pouch which is really convenient for storage and transportation, and an instructions manual.

Speed at taking Measurements

Using the Generation Guard GM-200F was really easy, and above all, really fast. Yes, being an Infrared Thermometer it takes less than a second to make a spot measurement on the forehead. Click and its done. For an average measurement of the forehead, by swiping the Thermometer from temple to temple keeping the button pressed, it takes around 2 seconds. There is really no other way to put it: It is fast!

Generation Guard GM-200F night modeDisplay

Another really good selling point is the big bright LCD display which is really easy to read and understand. The LCD can also be Back Lit, which under normal circumstances isn’t something special, but for a non contact Thermometer that could be used on a sleeping Child without having to turn on the light, it is perfect. This is clearly something this Thermometer was intended for, and at that it is superb.

Sound Warning

After taking a measurement the GM-200F makes a beeping sound, but there is mute button to make it just be quiet and turn on the Back Lit LCD. That is what we mean by it being intended for use in Children. Generation Guard clearly knew what they were aiming at while designing this thermometer. Having a super bright back lit display, that works automatically with the mute option makes this a perfect thermometer to have around if you have small Children. But that is not all!

Generation Guard GM-200F highlights1Other Measurement Modes

The Generation Guard GM-200F has a Forehead measurement mode, which is what is expected, but also has a Room Temperature/ Object measurement mode, which can be used, as suggested by the manufacturer to take measurements of feeding bottles for your baby.

Memory Storage for Measurements

It also has internal Memory which stores up to 20 measurements. It is also quite easy to access the memory section of the Thermometer and have a look at the stored measurements, which was impressive for such a complete thermometer with only 3 buttons.

Automatic Shutdown

The thermometer also shuts down automatically if unused for a few minutes, extending battery life. Unfortunately there is no battery indicator, which could possibly lead to a bad surprise if you need to take a measurement and just find out there is no battery left, and you don’t have 2xAAA batteries laying around.

Other points

The Generation Guard is really light and small, with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably on the hand. It has three setup buttons that are really easy to use, and a trigger button to take the measurements.

It also allows for calibration corrections, which was a surprise. Although not to be used by everyone, it could come in handy if the unit in question is a bit off on the measurements. Should be calibrated against another Forehead Thermometer.

The overall material quality of the Generation Guard GM-200F is above average. The instructions manual is nothing special, and not particularly clear, still the thermometer is easy enough to use and intuitive.

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Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Sound and Muted option
  • Very Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy to read display
  • Back Lit display when muted.
  • No battery indicator
  • Pouch is not really protective
  • Instructions manual not clear enough

The Generation Guard GM-200F is a really good Infrared Forehead Thermometer specially for Babies, Toddlers and Children in general. You can definitely see that the manufacturer had this in mind when this product was designed.

The Muted Sound option together with the Back Lit LCD just make it perfect for taking measurements of you children without disturbing them. As for speed of measurements, it can’t get any faster than this, it is that fast!

Highly recommended!

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