DefiniteCare is all about Loving and Caring for ourselves and our loved ones!

My name is James Scofield and I’ve been involved with healthcare all my life. I am 35 years old and through the better part of my life I’ve been involved with Elderly Care organizations and Disability Care centers.

My mother, who is now retired, began her career as an ER nurse and finished her career as Chief Nursing Officer, having invested a lot in her studies throughout life and taking advantage of all good opportunities that were presented. She does course lecturing now on a part-time basis in Hospitals in 3rd World Countries, with regards to General Safety and Hygiene, Elderly care and Neonatal care.

DefiniteCare started as a way to have my mother occupied and us finally working together. Being an active person that she is, retiring just wouldn’t cut it. Together with her, our friends and the contacts that she has gathered throughout her life, the articles on this site are born.

We hope you like what you find here, everything is done with our utmost care and love.